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Duty Calls

I am back sooner than expected, not for bad news but rather good news. As I had previously mentioned, my immune system is compromised so I must stay home. With this being said, I still have to consider the well-being of children as I always do. The best way I can help children, as an educator, is naturally through education. So, I will be working on a new page on this website called "Take Home Activities". This page will contain plenty of activities for multiple subjects, as well as an explanation as to why these activities work. 

Hello Again!

It has been quite a while since I had last posted on this website anyway, but due to the recent outbreak, and now pandemic, of this Corona-virus, I am essentially forced to stay home as I am immuno-compromised. You would think that this would give me plenty of time to write posts on this website but at this moment I would rather spend my time with family. I hope you all do understand and also are staying safe! I will include a short informational video on ways to prevent the spread of this virus and what exactly the virus is.