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Well, it is time!

 Today many people, including myself, celebrate Christmas Eve. Even if you don't, I am sure you would love to see this picture: An adorable puppy dressed up to the  nines! 😇 Hope you all have a great Holiday no matter what you celebrate and if you do celebrate it, Merry Christmas! Although there are hundreds of other Holidays the important part is that you are happy and healthy! 8.5.5

Back for a While Now!

I am finished working with the schools for now! The good news is that I successfully completed my final internship! This school year was especially tough, I do not like to moan and groan but it really is difficult to simply read to 30 kids while following CDC guidelines.Nonetheless, I plan on getting a job for the upcoming school year. I will work independently with children and their parents until then! I have something very exciting to share with you all as a welcome back post: A virtual concert featuring family of mine as well as plenty of voices that I am sure we will be hearing from for years to come! For those of you that are as familiar with this musical as me, keep an eye out for Hans; This is my cousin Alex Pineiro. You should take note of all the cast, so without further delay here is "Frozen: An Unofficial Virtual Concert." 8.5.5