The Importance of Comprehension When Reading

Comprehension is the destination in which should be reached by kids as a result of reading. Comprehension is much more than understanding a story. Without comprehension why would kids want to read in the first place? Comprehension ,and a lack there of, can indicate numerous problems that a child may have. For example, if a child does not assign a sound to a letter it is impossible to comprehend words, and therefore phonemic awareness is something that may be in a child's best interest to focus on. Comprehension difficulties most often stem from a variety of underlying problems (think poor fluency, no phonemic awareness and a lack of appropriate vocabulary).


  1. Yes! This post touches on some of the most important aspects of comprehension in addressing the misconceptions that comprehension is ever simply an isolated component of reading. As is correctly pointed out, any difficulties with comprehension almost always have roots in deficiencies in other components of reading. When a child does not have the fluency to read with accuracy, comprehension suffers because the as the child labors over sounding out words, he or she loses the meaning. When a child does not have sufficient vocabulary knowledge for a given passage, comprehension suffers since understanding any reading material is based on knowing what the words mean.

  2. Thank you! I saw this when you posted it actually. I just had an issue because it was not showing my name in the comments. I'm glad you liked it though!


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