Just Wanted to Acknowledge a Wonderful Person

I am very satisfied with my group of friends and how hard work has yielded nothing but positive results for them. This post is going out to a dear friend of mine named Evangeline Herbert. Her display of hard work and determination has given her a spot on the President's list at Florida Gulf Coast University! Evangeline has been a genuine friend to me and has shown an outstanding work ethic. I would like to congratulate her on this feat and also hope that she is recognized much, much more consistently throughout her lifetime. Ever since I met Evangeline I had a  understanding that she was bound to do wonders for the world (and this is evident of that so long as she continues on this track). It has been great being a staple in your life Evangeline, and it is my hope I remain just that, congratulations from me!

Also, if you could please comment a few kind words about Evangeline and her accomplishment, that would be appreciated so I could show her.


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