Sorry For The Absence!

                I have been absent on this blog for quite a while and I just wanted to reach out, so you know I am still active. This Summer was very busy for me; I got a lot of work done, and I enjoyed it as well. A quick recap of the work I completed this Summer: I completed my professional educator’s exam and I also got certified in character education! The course in character education that I completed stems from the KIPP program. You can learn more about the program’s approach to character here: It is important to keep an open mind as an educator, so even  though the course that I completed was rooted in research, as research changes a more productive approach may emerge. School has recently started for me yet again, so I will continue to be as busy as can be! Despite this, I will post as much as possible. It is such a great feeling to communicate with you all again.

                Just as a small note, I must stress the fact that your comments on my posts are pending my approval. Vulgar or otherwise obscene comments will be the comments that I will have no choice but to delete. This conversation is a result of me receiving such comment that I did delete as this does appear in a negative light towards me! Please keep comments clean and do not post any comments that contain obscene material, thank you!


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